• Air/Water Adiabatic Atomizing Humidifier

    The mc represents the state of the art in air/water atomizing humidfication systems. The atomizing heads are constructed of all stainless steel, ready for demineralized or standard water, and have an integral cleaning pin and shut-off seat for no drip, low maintenance operation. The mc produces a phenomenal 100:1 modulating turn down!

  • Airless High Pressure Water Atomizing Humidifier

    The humiFog humidification system is a high pressure atomizing system designed to produce a fine mist that readily evaporates to raise the relative humidity. The atomizing humidifier is an efficient humidification system that is especially suitable for larger installations, where high flow-rates of water are required without the necessity of excessive energy expenditure. When the humidity value in the environment is less then the desired value, as measured by a probe or external controller, the controller starts the volumetric piston pump, which sends the “treated” water to the nozzles.

  • Gas-Fired Steam Humidifier

    The gaSteam humidifier features extremely high thermal efficiency and fully exploits the cost advantage of gas. Fitted with a stainless steel heat exchanger, it guarantees reliability and safety.

  • Electric Element Isothermic Steam Humidifier

    Reliable and precise humidification for high-tech applications. Precise modulation of steam production ensured by PWM system with built-in humidity controller, or temperature controller for wellness applications.

  • HumiSteam-UEX

    HumiSteam, the immersed electrode humidifier, is the culmination of CAREL’s thirty-year experience in the field of steam humidification and the rational choice for a vast series of applications: civil environments, offices, industrial facilities, and steam baths.

  • UltimateSAM

    A precision atmospheric or pressurized steam dispersion system for ducts and AHUs. SAM stands for Short-Absorption Manifold, in other words a steam dispersion system with a short absorption or non-wetting distance (even less than 0.5 m). It has been designed to adapt to a wide range of AHU/ducts, guaranteeing very short steam absorption distances and low heat gain (max. 2 °C/4 °F). All metal parts fitted in the AHU/duct are made from AISI 304 steel so as to guarantee hygiene and long operating life.