The humiFog humidification system is a high pressure atomizing system designed to produce a fine mist that readily evaporates to raise the relative humidity. The atomizing humidifier is an efficient humidification system that is especially suitable for larger installations, where high flow-rates of water are required without the necessity of excessive energy expenditure. When the humidity value in the environment is less then the desired value, as measured by a probe or external controller, the controller starts the volumetric piston pump, which sends the “treated” water to the nozzles.
Unit of Measure




Total Length

N/A 40.55 in1030 mm

Total Width

N/A 14 in355.6 mm

Total Height

N/A 33.86 in860 mm


N/A 210 lb

Operating Weight

N/A 210 lb

Maximum Water Working Pressure

N/A 1015 psi

Minimum Water Working Pressure

N/A 363 psi

Fuel Type

N/A Electric

Maximum Operating Temperature

N/A 33.8 ºF

Minimum Operating Temperature

N/A 104 ºF

Drain Connection NPT

N/A 0.55

Water Connection Size

N/A 0.41

Three Phase

N/A 0 yes/no


N/A 1.150 kW


N/A 9.2 A



N/A 50 Hz

Full Load Amps

N/A 9.2 A

Number of Poles

N/A 2


N/A 1


N/A 230 V


Control Knob Length

N/A 1.7 in

Control Knob Radius

N/A 0.49 in

Control Panel Depth

N/A 1.89 in

Control Panel Length

N/A 4.57 in

Power Supply Inlet Horizontal Offset

N/A 2.95 in

Power Supply Inlet Radius

N/A 0.63 in

Power Supply Inlet Vertical Offset

N/A 16.93 in

Terminal Block 1 Horizontal Offset

N/A 2.95 in

Terminal Block 2 Horizontal Offset

N/A 4.43 in

Terminal Block 3 Horizontal Offset

N/A 6.10 in

Terminal Block 4 Horizontal Offset

N/A 7.48 in

Terminal Block 5 Horizontal Offset

N/A 9.25 in

Terminal Block 6 Horizontal Offset

N/A 10.83 in

Terminal Block Radius

N/A 0.39 in

Terminal Block Vertical Offset

N/A 2.76 in

Water Drain Bypass Connection Radius

N/A 0.41 in

Water Drain Bypass Horizontal Offset

N/A 3.36 in

Water Drain Bypass Vertical Offset

N/A 2.95 in

Water Drain Horizontal Offset

N/A 10.04 in

Water Drain Vertical Offset

N/A 0.787 in

Water Inlet Horizontal Offset

N/A 4.134 in

Water Inlet Vertical Offset

N/A 29.29 in

Water Outlet Horizontal Offset

N/A 10.35 in

Water Outlet Vertical Offset

N/A 7.48 in