Reliable and precise humidification for high-tech applications. Precise modulation of steam production ensured by PWM system with built-in humidity controller, or temperature controller for wellness applications.
Unit of Measure



N/A UR040

Total Length

N/A 27.16 in690 mm

Total Width

N/A 17.51 in445 mm

Total Height

N/A 34.96 in888 mm


N/A 213.8 lb

Steam Preassure

N/A 0 to 2000 psi


Maximum Steam Capacity (lb/hr)

N/A 88 lb/hr

Maximum Working Pressure

N/A 116.0 psi

Minimum Steam Capacity (lb/hr)

N/A 8.8 lb/hr

Steam Maximum Working Pressure

N/A 0 psi


Fuel Type

N/A Electric

Maximum Operating Temperature

N/A 120 degree

Minimum Operating Temperature

N/A 40 degree


Condensate Connection Size

N/A 3/8 in

Drain Connection NPT

N/A 1.9 in

Steam Outlet Connection Size

N/A 1.6 in


N/A 6.14 gal

Water Connection Size

N/A 0.75 in


Apparent Power

N/A 30.5 Vac



N/A 60 Hz

Number of Poles

N/A 6


N/A 3


N/A 230 V


Bottom Tank Discharge Horizontal Offset

N/A 0.78 in

Bottom Tank Discharge Length

N/A 0.625 in

Bottom Tank Discharge Radius

N/A 0.6299 in

Bottom Tank Discharge Vertical Offset

N/A 2.1 in

Condensate Connection Height

N/A 0 in

Condensate Connection Horizontal Offset

N/A 1.8 in

Condensate Connection Vertical Offset

N/A 0.85 in

Control Panel Depth

N/A 0.5 in

Control Panel Height

N/A 1.8622 in

Control Panel Horizontal Offset

N/A 4.75 in

Control Panel Length

N/A 6.1437 in

Inlet Drain Tempering Valve Horizontal Offset

N/A 5.2 in

Inlet Drain Tempering Valve Length

N/A 0.7795 in

Inlet Drain Tempering Valve Radius

N/A 1.0236 in

Inlet Drain Tempering Valve Vertical Offset

N/A 22.5 in

Side Connection 1 Horizontal Offset

N/A 3.7897 in

Side Connection 2 Horizontal Offset

N/A 5.3622 in

Side Connection 3 Horizontal Offset

N/A 6.9370 in

Side Connection Radius

N/A 0.5984 in

Side Connection Vertical Offset

N/A 1.9685 in

Steam Outlet Height

N/A 0 in

Steam Outlet Horizontal Offset

N/A 10.7 in

Steam Outlet Vertical Offset

N/A 5.4 in

Switch Depth

N/A 0.3427 in

Switch Height

N/A 1.2359 in

Switch Horizontal Offset

N/A 1.4390 in

Switch Vertical Offset

N/A 2.3130 in

Switch Width

N/A 0.9843 in

Water Drain Length

N/A 1.625 in

Water Drain Horizontal Offset

N/A 1.96 in

Water Drain Vertical Offset

N/A 4.8 in

Water Fill Length

N/A 0.625 in

Water Fill Horizontal Offset

N/A 4.72 in

Water Fill Vertical Offset

N/A 9 in